Problems with the Jury System?


The jury system has problems such as Jury persuading thought to be frequent resulting in wrongful acquittals, perverse verdicts that undermine the principle of justice, insufficient intellect to follow complicated hearings and more so, vetting is against the principle of random assortment.
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The jury system is an incredible fair to resolve a problem. First the jury gets to hear facts from both sides of a case. Once the cases have been presented, the judge then instructs
It is the exclusive role of juries to make ultimate credibility determinations regarding which of two witnesses is telling the truth on a matter that is contested during a trial.
the jury is important because the judge will need people to help themmake the dicission and so it is fair that the person does not ger sentanced for no reason
Jury system existed in India pre-1960, but was abolished looking at the demerits it had to offer! Tl;dr version: Abolition of the Jury system is a positive step in the history of
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The jury system is the court system in which a set number of people sit on a panel and help the judge and prosecutor in deciding the fate of law breakers. The ...
Some of the pros and cons of the American Jury System are listed below:Pros:1. In the American jury system, both sides (the prosecution and the defense) have the ...
The basis of the jury system as we know it today, began in the 12th century, by Henry II, and it is designed to base their decision on the evidence of the witnesses ...
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