What Is the Difference between Procera Crowns and Procelain High Noble Crown?


Procera crowns may cause some problems with the user. There are instances when people get black lines on their gums because of the crowns. Porcelain crowns however has a precious metal frame which is usually Gold. This makes it more expensive than Procera ones that are usual made out of bicompatible materials.
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Denise, The porcelain high noble crown has a precious metal frame (usually gold) beneath the tooth colored porcelain shell. Porcelain is a form of glass and is subject to breakage.
I am not familiar with Zirconzahn, though if it is a zirconia based coping with porcelain over the top, it with be by far my first choice for a crown over Procera - much stronger.
Missing front teeth have unique demands. Replacing them must take into
The Procera Crown is an all-porcelain crown. It is a high quality material that mimics your real teeth better than just about any other product on the market. Damaged teeth? For damaged
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