What are some profile interview questions?


Profile interview questions are a set of questions that are asked to a person that should be informative and engaging. They can be used for articles, publication, or general interest. Examples of profile interview questions include childhood influences, family life which can include relationship experiences or fun facts about their children, and even cultural inspirations. Profile interview questions should consist of questions that have to do with the type of interview that is being conducted.
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1. Arrange for the interview ahead of time, and be prompt. Let the person you are interviewing know the purpose of the interview. Cornell University's guidelines for student interviews
Structured interview questions are here to stay, particularly the classic, "Where do you want to be in 10 years?" (The classic answer, "I want your job." has fallen
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1. Go deeper in your answers to technical questions. Other than telling the interviewer how to calculate a particular figure, give an example of when that particular calculation might
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