How do I program a keyless entry remote for a Dodge?


Programming a Dodge keyless entry remote fob is very easy if you have the instruction. You can either follow the instructions given with the entry remote fob or find a guide to it online. You can also ask the dealership you got the remote from.
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1. Push the "Lock" button on your working remote five times at two second intervals. 2. Turn the key in the ignition to "Run." The "Run" position is
With the dealers scan tool.
1 Close all the vehicle doors. Ad 2 Insert the ignition key into the ignition lock cylinder - do not turn ignition switch. 3 Press and hold the DOOR unlock switch (This is the switch
1. Open the hood of the vehicle. 2. Connect a jumper wire between terminal 12 and terminal 16 in the diagnostic connector. This is located near the battery. A diagram for the diagnostic
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How to Program a Keyless Remote on a Dodge
Many vehicles today come with keyless remote entry, including most Dodge cars and trucks. The keyless entry allows the owner to unlock doors from a distance. You can program up to four new keyless remotes for your Dodge if you already have a working... More »
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