How to Program a Sears Garage Door Remote Opener?


In order to program a Sears garage door remote opener, you need to first install the garage door opener. Next, you need to keep on clicking on the top left button until it starts to respond. Finally, you could click on any other but in order to save the settings.
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You can also program your remote to control the lights that come on when the garage door operates. Stand next to the door control element affixed to the house, near the entry from
ok crystal,calm down this is an easy one! first locate the smart button on your openers , next you will press and hold down the smart button until you see an indicator light above
If the garage door opener worked ok the last time you used it, maybe the battery inside the remote has just gone flat and needs to be replaced? < Also, make sure the two are compatible
1. Choose a button on the remote to operate the opener (most Sears remotes have more than one button) 2. Go to your garage, stand away from the door, and press and hold your chosen
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How to Program Your Garage Door Opener Remote
Newer garage door openers have a smart-learn button that makes programming your opener as easy as pushing the button. Locate the button near where the wiring feeds into the garage door opener itself, usually near the light or inside its cover. Push, and... More »
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