Programming Dodge Remote Keyless Entry?


When you are programming a Dodge keyless entry remote you will need to first turn off the ignition. Locate the Data Link Connector and ground it by wiring a paper clip through pins 1-4. The next step is to close all doors and turn the the key to the accessory position and then back to the off position.
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1. Turn ignition to OFF. 2. Locate the Data Link Connector, it is a black 16 pin connecter that is under the driver's side dash, right where your right knee would be. You have to
How do you program a keyless entry remote for a 2002 dodge. 1. Press LOCK button 5 times at 2 second intervals to resynchronize remote. 2. Insert key into the ignition switch. Turn
It depends on whether or not it is an additional remote or a replacement remote. If it is an additional remote, you need the original remote, and the manual that came with the car
You must take it to the Chevy dealer.
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How to Program Keyless Entry Remotes on a Dodge
You can program a keyless-entry remote for many Dodge vehicles, although most newer models require dealer programming. All Dodge vehicles require a currently-programmed remote to enter the synchronization mode. If you don't have a working remote, a visit... More »
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Programming a Dodge keyless entry remote fob is very easy if you have the instruction. You can either follow the instructions given with the entry remote fob or ...
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