Programming Panasonic Universal Remote?


Programming a Panasonic Universal Remote is often the same as other universal remotes. After placing batteries in the remote, press and hold the device you want to program the remote for. Then, using the codes provided with the remote, enter the number pad then hit the pound sign or the sign needed to lock in the code. If the first code doesn't power off the device, try another code.
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1. Check the model number of your remote control. Some Panasonic universal remotes have the model number on the front, and some have it on the back. An example model number is EUR7603Z50
Use the link to Sentry if your remote manual isn't handy.
1: Press and hold the "Code" or "Code Search" button until the LED
show the instruction manual to someone who knows how to read or understand (the kid next door maybe) if no manual go to a tech guy at the store or search for the brand codes for each
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How to Program a Panasonic Universal Remote
If you have a lot of electronics in your living room, it can be difficult to manage all the remote controls. A universal remote control is the perfect solution. Panasonic universal remotes can easily be programmed to work with all the electronics you... More »
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