What is a good project on consumer awareness?


Projects on consumer awareness are designed to offer awareness to others on financial matters in real life and everyday situations. These projects teach proper math and communication skills that people need to enhance their financial future. Projects could include having students plan an event or party with a small budget. It will show them how to do more with their money. Another project on consumer awareness could include setting up a simulated checking account in which students have to account for their money.
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School Projects on Consumer Awareness
Consumer awareness projects in school promote the students' understanding of financial matters when they are faced with real-life situations. Consumer awareness skills can be as simple as taking one-half of the price off the shirt at the mall's big sale... More »
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Consumer awareness is the concept of understanding a person's individual consumer rights regarding services and products that are sold. There are four categories for consumer awareness, choice, information, safety, and the consumers right to be heard. Ralph Nader has often been referred to as the father of the consumer movement. There have been many studies and projects done on consumer awareness. There are actually many projects that you can look at online regarding this topic.
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