Prom Theme Names?


Prom theme names are names that are given to a prom that represents what the theme of the prom will be. For example, A Night at the Oscars would follow the theme of movie stars and Oscars. Prom theme names can include fairy tales such as Cinderella, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, or Red Robin Hood. Prom theme names can also include A Red Carpet Affair, Destiny Awaits, Heaven on Earth, and Over the Rainbow.
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1. Tape grass skirts around the edges of any tables that will be used during the prom. Set up pretty centerpieces on the tables by filling glass vases with marbles and propping coconut
1. Research. Watch a variety of zombie movies (Dawn of the Dead- 2004, Night of the Living Dead, etc. to get an idea of decorations: fake blood, torn clothing, abandoned storefronts
the theme of the prom in Twilight is Monte Carlo/james bond.
What about Alanna which means Hawaiian - Of the sky. !
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