Promethazine over the Counter?


Promethazine is a type of codeine syrup. Promethazine is one of the strongest over the counter medicines. Promethazine prevents motion sickness, and treats nausea.
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Promethazine is a prescribed medication for nausea. An over-the-counter alternative to Promethazine is Dramamine.
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There is emetrol you can take. Thanks!
Codeine is a Class II drug in the United States, so nothing over the counter contains it. Promethazine is prescription only, so same story.
They are medications that you can buy without a perscription. If you need tylenol or asprin it is bought over the counter, you do not need permission to buy it.
I'm a pharmacist. Try meclizine (boniva) they use it for motion sickness but it could also help nausea. If tylenol with codeine makes you nauseous, I would have the doctor change
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