What is the correct pronunciation of peridot?


Peridot is a deep yellow and green variety of olivine used as a gem. Peridots found in the United States are rarely larger than two carats while very large peridots are usually found in Myanmar. A yellow-green peridot is sometimes called chrysolite. To pronounce the word peridot, you do need to pronounce the T, even though some people don't want to. Some words that rhyme with the word peridot are aeronaut, aliquot, apparat, apricot, astronaut, bergamot, and Camelot.
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"Peridot" has an American Southwest's pronunciation as "PEAR-a-dot, instead of the more common pronunciation (taken from the French) "PEAR-a-doe. report this answer
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[per-i-doh, -dot]
a green transparent variety of olivine, used as a gem.
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