Propane Tank Disposal?


You need to be wary when disposing of propane tanks. Most gas stations that sell propane will allow you to turn it in to them. You can also turn it into Wal-mart.
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1. Bring your old propane tank to a propane tank supplier such as Home Depot. Most suppliers will take your old tank for disposal when you purchase a new one. 2. Empty your propane
If you are referring to the small 16oz propane tanks, you can usually just throw them in the garbage. If not, see below: Propane cylinders are all steel cylinders that can be recycled
1. Inspect the cylinder. Before filling any propane tank there must be a proper visual inspection of the cylinder. Look for any damages such as deep dents or areas of heavy rust.
1. Turn off the power to your grill. Turn off the main shutoff valve on your propane tank. It should be turned all the way to the right to be in the off position. 2. Remove your grill's
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Disposal of Propane Tanks
When disposing of any unit containing flammable or hazardous materials, always follow city and national safety regulations, including the disposal of propane tanks. Consult local ordinances for assistance. While it may be possible to recycle the... More »
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To dispose of an old propane tank, it is recommended that the tank be taken to an approved recycling facility. In many cases, these used tanks will be exchanged ...
Propane tanks come in a variety of sizes to meet your individual propane needs. Some of the smaller sizes of propane tank available include four and a half pounds ...
Propane tanks are used as a fuel source for homes and businesses. Larger tanks like 100 gallon models can provide enough propane for cooking and heating to last ...
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