How do I hem a floor-length dress?


A proper dress is usually floor length. In order to adjust the dress for your height you may need to hem the dress. If you want to do it yourself you will need more than one person to help. You will have to wear the dress while the other person pins it to the desired length. Then you can sew the hem accordingly.
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1. Place your long dress on a dressmaker's dummy. Fold the hem up an inch or more on the underside, pinning it in place. Place pins all around the bottom of the skirt so the hem is
TAKE IT TO A PROFESSIONAL. Trust me, you can't just use a sewing machine or hand stitch something and make it look good unless you have experience with sewing.
Really, the 'proper' length of our pants is determined by the constantly changing fashion scene. However, there is a suitable length for visual appeal that most stylish people conform
Hems must fall below the knee, and cannot be floor length. The length suggested in your packet is mid-calf. This is not measured however, so slightly longer is fine. Keep in mind
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