What is the proper height for a fireplace mantle?


The mantle's height and other dimensions should be in proportionate with the fireplace opening and the size of the room. The total or overall height of a mantle can range from 54 to 64 inches tall. The height of the legs is the distance between the floor and the top of the column where the mantle connects to the shelf. You should also check with the local building codes to know what is the proper fireplace mantle height for a home.
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The National Fire Protection Association provides standards for how close wood trims should be to the firebox opening. A 10-inch thick mantel should be at least 19-inches above the
The height of mantels can vary, but most are between 40-60 inches
around 54"
Hi Jane, thanks for writing and the detailed info! I don't think the art is too big for the space, but it may be a little tall, because of the square shape. . I think it could work
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Proper Fireplace Mantel Height
Some minimum clearances from the fireplace opening should be adhered to for a proper fireplace mantle height. This is necessary to protect combustible materials from the burning fire in the firebox. The mantle you choose is a reflection of your personal... More »
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