What is the proper height for a wall sconce?


The ideal mounting height for a wall sconce is 66 to 78 inches above the floor. This height provides plenty of clearance, minimizing the likelihood of a passer-by accidentally bumping into the fixture.

The optimal mounting height for a wall sconce varies and depends on the intended purpose of the wall sconce. Sconces that are used primarily for task lighting are generally mounted lower on the wall, while sconces that are used for security purposes are mounted much higher. For applications that require a lower mounting height, the homeowner should choose a lighting fixture that rests relatively close the wall to prevent clearance issues.

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The minimum is generally 60" Just depends on what they'll be used for. I have one placed 74" high by an entryway (interior) to avoid bumping it. For high traffic areas,
Sconces should be hung between 5 feet and 6 feet high in general. Keep sconces higher than your eye so that you can't see the bulb as you pass. In high-traffic areas, hang them 2
Sconces should be installed on the wall 60" from the floor. If you choose to utilize sconces to illuminate hallways, then the sconces should be placed 8 to 10 feet apart. See
OK, this really depends on you, the location, and the use. The standard is the bottom of the sconce should be 60" from the floor. But, look at the fixture and make sure it's
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The Proper Height of a Wall Sconce
Wall sconces are generally used for accent lighting. Depending on their style, they can also be used as security lighting or task lighting. Although there are no hard or fast measurements for where to place the lights, there are tips that will help make... More »
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