Properties of Schist Rock?


Schist is a medium grade metamorphic rock that contains medium to large grains of mica flakes. The schist rocks have been around since the 20th century. Some of the properties/characteristics of the schist rock are that they are very shinny, very flaky, they contain minerals, and they can be split into layers. It is also stated that quartz often occurs in drawn out grains to such an extent that a form called 'quartz schist' is produced and that schist is often garnetiferous.
Q&A Related to "Properties of Schist Rock?"
Mainly for landscape decoration, although some schists have high graphite content.
Schists origin is metamorphism of preexisting rocks.The commonest of the schists
Formed Underground. The layers of rock that constitute Earth's surface are continually added to by various geological processes. Over time, the weight of the surface pushes down old
Schist can in theory turn into another metamorphic rock of either higher or lower temperature and pressure formation. A lower temperature metamorphic rock (retrograde metamorphism
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