How to Write a Property Settlement Agreement?


The Divorce CC Court Help website has property settlement agreement forms. When writing the form it needs to be looked over by a lawyer. Both parties must agree to the terms such as who will obtain the property and assets of the property.
Q&A Related to "How to Write a Property Settlement Agreement?"
1 Reach terms with the other party in the dispute regarding the division of all property before writing a property settlement agreement. This may be done without counsel but should
1. Confirm that the agreement has been signed, initialed and dated by both you and your spouse in all the appropriate places. If the agreement is more than one page, you will likely
call a lawyer, he can tell you. Or call your county clerk and ask him.
You should able to go to Court to compel her signature via a judgment. (Motion for Specific Performance or Disposition of Property) Don't know how it works in Nevada or what the particular
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