Pros and Cons and Mirena Iud?


The pros of Mirena IUD and copper IUD is that it can protect pregnancy up to five years and it is generally cheaper in the long run. Mirena IUD and copper IUD both have side-effects but these side effects are usually different. As compared to Mirena IUD, copper IUD will make your period heavier and more painful.
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i got a mirena and it hurt so bad when they put it in.....a couple of hours later i was cramping so bad i was crying. The next day i went to the emergency room and told them that
Some pros of Mirena: it's reversible, may be used while breastfeeding. Some
To many women the IUD seems like the best alternative for birth control but not everything is easy street with this method. To decide if you want to use an IUD you should take a moment
mirena- uses hormones though not dangerous, last for 5 yrs, expect to have lighter, smaller number painful, irregular period. may not have any interval at all which is without a flaw
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