Pros and Cons of a Democratic Government?


If you want to know what the pros and cons of a democratic government are, well just watch a day of the news, and you will learn more than you wanted. Some of the pros in favor of democratic government include the fact that the citizens have a say in how their country is going to be run. This can be done with direct democracy, or with representative democracy.
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pro - governmental representatives are typically voted into authority by groups of people (except US supreme court justices) pro - democratic governments have local and centralized
Elected officials have the time and resources to make them fully informed on issues. In contrast, citizens may not have the time or ability to learn about each issue, which makes
Among the issues addressed in the 2012 Democratic National Platform are: * Healthcare for All. * Energy Independence. * National Security. * Economic Stewardship. * Environment &
Not really a hypothetical question. Although USA emphasises "checks and balances" and "separation of powers" other countries don't. In UK Lord Hailsham wrote about
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