Pros and Cons of Being a Photographer?


Being a photographer has many pros and cons. Some of the pros are being able to work flexible hours, and not having a boss to answer to. A con to being a photographer is not having enough money to keep the business running.
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Pros: " Pros: Flexible_Schedule. " Flexible Schedule. . You_meet_lots_of_new_people. " You meet lots of new people. . Some_photographers_travel_around_the_world.
Different people would probably give you different answers. Furthermore, since this question is under the Photography topic, you might get photography-biased answers. Still, there
+ points; It’s a real interesting career. Satisfying. You can make a career out of your hobby. How good is that……. You can choose to be the type of photography
Though some animators work as full-time employees for a specific studio or production company, it is quite common for animators to work as freelance artists, hired on a job-to-job
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