What Are Cons & Pros of Having a Cell Phone in School?


In today's world of technology, teenagers now have cell phones in school. The pros of having cell phones in school are parents can reach them quickly and they have a method of communication during emergencies. However, the cons are distractions during class and possible cheating on tests.
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Pros: The student can talk to parents between classes when there is a request to change plans (I.e. a late game or detour from regular activities) This can be done using the office
pros: you can contact people when you need [especially good for emergencies] they make you look super awesome. they're the best accessory ever. everyone has one. you can talk to all
The major "pro" is convenience. With a second one being safety. With a cell phone, a person can always call wherever they need, even if they are not at home. This can
Pros include: Fast HSDPA Data, Improved Battery Life,
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Pros & Cons of Cell Phone Use
Cell phones were first publicly tested in 1977 in Chicago. Since then they have rapidly become smaller, faster, and more versatile, adding several functions like text messaging, picture messaging, games, and Internet access. Cell phones are nearly... More »
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The pros and cons of cell phones are somewhat easy to determine. In the pro column one will find their ease of use and the amazing way that information has become much more reliable and accessible since the invention of cell phones. Cons of cell phones might include the fact that people tend to isolate themselves while playing or talking on cell phones and often do not interact with others while those items are in use. Other cons might include the fact that people text or talk and drive and cause accidents.
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Banning cell phones in school is a topic often debated and there are pros and cons of having a cell phone in school. Children and parents can feel safe due to ...
The pros of having a cell phone in schools that during violent incidents, students are capable of reaching their parents. The cons is that they can be a distraction ...
Having cell phones in the classroom has both pros and cons, but there is no clear advantage or disadvantage overall. Most schools adopt a limited usage policy ...
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