What are the pros and cons of computer technology?


Computer technology can make certain types of work far more efficient, and it enables forms of communication; it can, however, be misused by governments. It can be a threat to privacy. The field of computer ethics deals with these issues.

The power of computing is immense. Today, people throughout the developed world use computers to get the news, pay their bills and communicate with friends and family members. Computer have revolutionized accounting, and many companies no longer rely on paper documents. The tech sector has grown considerably through the years and has created jobs that pay well.

Computers also hold tremendous promise for delivering information to developing nations. In regions without libraries, the Internet can serve as a seemingly limitless source of information. Many people also work online, and the Internet allows people in developing regions to earn money without have to immigrate to richer nations.

However, the Internet also allows companies and governments to collect information on people. Governments around the world have created databases that store online activity, and many experts are worried that this information might be abused. Companies can also track people online, and many feel that this tracking is a privacy violation. Debate about what information should be collectible will continue.

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Pros & Cons of Computers
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