Pros and Cons of Homework?


The pros and cons of homework are somewhat debatable. Some people believe that homework forces the parents to become involved in the child's schooling process and helps to link the parents to the teachers in a manner that is productive. Some people believe that homework destroys a child's time at home when he or she should be relaxing or playing games or socializing with other children. Pros might include the fact that homework allows a child to be more independent and to work in a different environment than he or she would at school.
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a pro is the student reaveals his creativity and a con is there is less family time and more stress on the student that can do a lot of stuff is the best A con is less activity and
it can help you remember stuff better and retain information longer. it also helps you know where you at and see if you can also apply what you learn that day. hw is long, hw is boring
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Pros & Cons of Homework
Homework is like chores—it’s a traditional activity that most children hate to do. Since the 1950s, when pressure from the Cold War prompted legislators and school officials to make homework a mainstay in the education system, children have... More »
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