What are the pros and cons of homework?


Homework, while popular amongst most schools in the U.S., is controversial. Many of those who advocate homework, emphasize the academic benefits for the students. Those who oppose homework, however, argue that those benefits are questionable and that forcing students to study after their school day is unfair and ineffective.

The primary pro of homework is that it helps students to absorb knowledge and practice skills they have learned in school. This practice allows them to obtain a firmer grasp of the material without wasting the time of the teacher, who can then move on to new concepts. Homework also helps students develop time-managements skills and discipline. Additionally, it can provide a valuable link between the school and parents, who are often involved in their children's work. Having parents involved in the education of their children is beneficial as it makes them aware of areas they are having difficulty with, or very much enjoy.

However, homework has many cons as well. Studies have not found that homework has serious academic benefits for children in primary schools, and many take issue with the time students are expected to devote to this extra work, instead of with their families. Also, students who may have misunderstood a concept can easily complete many practice problems incorrectly and uselessly if they are working independently of a teacher. Many students feel burnt out after eight hours days at school and are unable to focus as much on homework as they do in class.

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it can help you remember stuff better and retain information longer. it also helps you know where you at and see if you can also apply what you learn that day. hw is long, hw is boring
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Pros & Cons of Homework
Homework is like chores—it’s a traditional activity that most children hate to do. Since the 1950s, when pressure from the Cold War prompted legislators and school officials to make homework a mainstay in the education system, children have... More »
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