Pros and Cons of Hydroelectric Power?


There are several pros and cons of hydroelectric power. Advantages include that it is green, renewable, reliable, and flexible. Disadvantages include cost, environmental damages, and limited reservoirs.
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Pros: Makes barely any pollution compare to other ways of creating electricity. Hydroelectric power is one of the most responsive (easy to start and stop) of any electric power generating
Pro, controls flooding & provides recreational activities. Con,
Well. PROS: Inexhaustible energy source. Cheap power (free) Clean. CONS: Limited availability. Blocks salmon from returning home to spawn. Expensive equipment. (Dams) Ugly equipment
The pros are well known. Hydroelectric is a clean source of power. It generates no greenhouse gases and virtually no pollutants. Often the hydroelectric station is stuck out in the
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According the United States Geological Survey, hydroelectric power offers clean energy without the emissions created by fossil fuels, but it is very location- ...
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