What Are the Pros and Cons of Trying Juveniles as Adults for Serious Crimes?


A con of trying juveniles as adults for serious crimes would be the lack of hope for true rehabilitation. Children who are put through the adult system typically learn more about being criminals. A pro of trying them as adults is to send a message to other youth who may find crime glamorous.
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You should be tried as an adult if you rape or kill. There is no excuse. 1 year olds know right from wrong. Don't give me that B.S. that "maturity level" has anything to
The purpose of the juvenile justice system is to provide an opportunity for rehabilitation of a young person who may not understand what it means to be a member of a community and
Two assumptions are behind recent legislation passed in many U.S. states which make it easier to try juvenile offenders as adults. * Young offenders will receive sentences in the
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The pros and cons of juveniles being tried as adults are many and extremely debatable. Some pros might include the fact that trying a juvenile as an adult allows the judicial system to make an example of a juvenile who has committed a serious crime. This also allows for monetary savings because the child does not require separate counsel and punishment. Some cons might include the fact that many juveniles are still children and should be allowed to make a mistake.
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