Pros and Cons of Modular Homes?


Some pros and cons of building a modular home are as follows : CONS - they may not be strong enough for tornadoes and earthquakes; very few insurance companies want to insure modular homes; they depreciate in value. PROS - if you own the land, it's better than renting; you can do improvements to make foundation base stronger; you an add a basement for emergencies like tornadoes; they are cheaper to acquire than regular built homes.
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Modular homes are a great idea for building quick. My father used to work in a modular home plant and always said that they were as good as any stick built home. He is a carpenter
Selling a home and moving to a different home entails paying off an existing mortgage balance. Sellers choose a sale price that's high enough to pay off the balance, but when property
[Note: I'm posting a response on behalf of Rachel Andresen. She posted the explanation below on Facebook in response to this question (Quora was taking too long). She is a doula.
Modular power supplies are generally far better then a non-modular, but there are a few drawbacks. Pros. Getting rid of the spaghetti kludge of cables coming of the back of older
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