What are some pros and cons of plant cloning?


Plant cloning has been used extensively in agriculture as a breeding system. The pros are that it is cheaper, faster and convenient but the cons are that the plants are susceptible to pest infestation and diseases.
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The pro's of cloning is you get another person to keep you company like a person that may of died recently. The cons are it could go wrong and you could end up with a deformed person
A pro of human cloning is that it can help couples with fertility problems by creating multiple embryos. On the down side, experts say that an increase in human cloning will result
Well cons for either are: no genetic differentiations, this makes it harder for a plant to fight off infections and therefore also harder for it to survive a plague (because no one
Pros of Cloning If the vital organs of the human body can be cloned, they can
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The Pros & Cons of Plant Cloning
Plant cloning, or asexual reproduction, produces a genetically identical copy or copies of a parent plant. Various methods exist for plant cloning such as cuttings, divisions, offsets, bulbs, runners, grafting, layering and micropropagation. Many of... More »
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