What are the pros and cons of watching too much television?


One of the biggest cons of watching too much television is that it is a passive medium that requires viewers to use very little of their brain activity. Too much television can also distort reality and make viewers think that the characters they are watching are more important than people in real life. However, television offers a great way to spread information to mass amounts of people quickly and effectively.

Experts all agree that television is capable of entertaining and informing, but a study by the Surgeon General found that 61 percent of all programming contains violence, and that children who watch for-profit television programs supported by advertising will see over 8,000 deaths on screen before the time they enter grade school.

Educational television can be beneficial for children because it creates powerful touchstones that allow children to share cultural experiences with their peers. Television can also act as a catalyst to get children to pursue more active media options such as reading and writing, as made famous by the television shows "Reading Rainbow," "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego" and "Ghostwriter." Documentaries that air on television have the power to inform and introduce people to famous literary and cinematic works they may not have had knowledge of otherwise.

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