Pros and Cons of War on Terrorism?


The War on Terrorism is a generic term for the policies instituted by the US Government and allies against Islamic militants in various middle east countries, but particularly in Iraq and Afghanistan. The pros of the War of Terrorism are that there has been a heightened awareness of security issues domestically, and there hasn't been an attack on American soil since 9/11, although there have been thwarted attempts. However, the cons of the War of Terrorism are numerous and considerable, such as the incredible loss of life in Iraq and Afghanistan, both in terms of civilian casualties and US soldiers, the economic cost of war-fueled deficit spending and borrowing, and of course a betrayal of humans rights conventions in the course of the US War of Terror.
Q&A Related to "Pros and Cons of War on Terrorism?"
What are you willing to give up for the illusion of safety?
pros. kill the infadels. cons. none.
Cons: 3 million casualties, loss of western power and prestige, war
The pros of WWII, if you can really call them that, would be toppling Hitler's regime, stopping the Japanese aim for world domination (and eventually quietly leading them to become
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