What are the pros and cons of being married?


Marriage is a commitment to your partner legally, publicly and religiously. Marriage has got pros which are financial benefits and family benefits and cons like divorce and loss of monetary control.
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PROS: Someone to love, someone to love you. A partner who will be there when you need them, someone to talk to, Someone to share th emost wonderful experiences with, sex whenever
Some pros of being married are you have two people contributing and also
Exhaustive Education. Surgeons must complete 11 to 16 years of education to become independent in their professions, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Four of those
Assuming your marriage is good. Pros: You always have someone to talk to. about what's bothering you, about what your mom said, about what you ate for lunch that day. You have someone
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Pros and Cons of Being Married
Marriage is a big step for two people to make. You are making a public, legal and religious commitment to your partner. Before taking the plunge into matrimony, you and your partner should not only sit down and discuss what you both want out of the union... More »
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