Pros Cons of Tongue Piercing?


These are the pros and cons of tongue piercing. The pros are it is a form of facial decoration and jewelry that complements the face. It draws attention to the facial features especially when conversing with others. The cons is that the area where the tongue is pierced could get infected and require a doctor's visit. It could also cause potential difficulty when eating or conversing.
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Infections, side effects and healing issues are all points you need to discuss with your professional body piercer BEFORE you get the piercing done. You also need to discuss aftercare
Pros: Having a random piercing in your mouth [lol], heals quickly [a month or so]. Cons: Can cause dental problems [tooth erosion]. I don't even notice my tongue piercing the majority
One pro in self piercing is that you can save money. A big con is high risks of infection. Piercing artist do not recommend doing this.
One of the major cons about tongue piercings is that they damage your
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