What Are Cons & Pros of Having a Cell Phone in School?


The pros of having a cell phone in schools that during violent incidents, students are capable of reaching their parents. The cons is that they can be a distraction. Ultimately, lots of places have decreed that the cons outweigh the pros.
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Pros: The student can talk to parents between classes when there is a request to change plans (I.e. a late game or detour from regular activities) This can be done using the office
pros of cell phone's in school: useful in case of schedule change. in case of an emergency, parents can call students directly and leave school phone lines open. built in calculator
1 Put your cell phone on vibrate. This will prevent your teacher from hearing it. If possible, turn off the vibration and put your cell phone on silent. Be careful as cell phones
I would say that there really arent any pro's to this. As someone who is going into the educational field, and has taught plenty of summer school, I see them as more of a distraction
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