Protocol Officer Duties?


Protocol officers have many different duties. One of their main duties is to advise organization staff members on what is expected of them in regards to courtesy and etiquette. This can range from things like publishing specific guidelines or mingling to ensure everyone is acting correctly.
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Protocol officers advise organization staff on etiquette and courtesies expected during official visits. For example, they may publish guidance on customs regarding bowing, shaking
A protocol officer is someone employed by a government agency or major corporation in order to facilitate meetings, ensure proper etiquette for official engagements, and streamline
Duties of a police officer include, but not limited to, answering complaints, interviewing suspects and witnesses, escorting prisoners to and from court and investigating crimes.
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What Are the Duties of Protocol Officers?
Protocol is the term used to describe the formalities and courtesies that lubricate relationships between institutions. Most notably used in an international relations context, organizations often observe protocols whenever any VIP conducts an official... More »
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