When do you prune willow trees?


Like many trees, willow trees will need to be pruned occasionally. When to prune a willow tree may vary depending on the pruning reasons. For example, for heavy pruning it is best to do it either early winter or late fall.
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1. Plan the shape of the tree on paper (see Reference 1) Deciding what to remove before you start cutting prevents you from overpruning and ruining the tree’s appearance. The
A weeping willow tree is one of those trees that you can prune if you wish and don't have to if you don't want to. If you have a large yard with plenty of space for your tree, weeping
Typically, gardeners follow the rule of pruning trees in late winter to early spring when the trees are dormant, just before new growth begins. This is applicable to crabapples, but
1. Determine which tree limbs require pruning. Make sure the limbs join the trunk of the tree at or below your shoulder height, and that the area is free of debris that might make
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How to Prune Willow Trees
Willows may look delicate, but they’re hardy, fast-growing trees that can quickly get out of hand without regular pruning. Trimming back branches prevents overgrowth from blocking sunlight and interfering with utility lines, buildings and walkways.... More »
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