How should Meyer lemon trees be pruned?


Pruning of Meyer lemon trees should be kept to a minimum — with these trees, less is more when it comes to keeping them healthy and productive. Meyer lemon trees have lighter wood than most fruit-bearing trees, and they sprout fruits in all layers of their branches, which minimizes the need for heavy pruning and trimming.

Although they require minimal assistance to look and perform their best, Meyer lemon trees nevertheless do need some degree of trimming. Young trees need the most attention as they generate new growth more rapidly than older trees. Removing sprouts and weak or ailing limbs of young trees is critical as it enables them to direct their energy into producing bigger fruits and generating new growth instead of focusing on keeping old, damaged parts alive. Sprouts should be removed when they are still small to relieve young trees of heavy end weights that can cause branches to break and bend. Sprouts can be removed by hand, while branches should be eliminated using hand pruners. When trimming branches, prune them flush with the collar rather than the trunk. This facilitates healing and prevents sprouts from growing at the cut. Adult trees also need pruning; dead branches and sprouts should be removed from older trees too.

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According to the University of Florida Nassau County Extension Office, Meyer lemon trees need to be pruned when they are young to remove any interfering branches, water sprouts or
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1. Choose the proper time to prune lemon trees. Lemon trees are evergreen trees that do not demonstrate a true dormancy, such as the loss of leaves. However, the growth and metabolism
Prune your lemon tree accurately. Do away with every sucker that is growing from the tree.
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How to Prune Meyer Lemon Trees
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