Pruning Care of Impatiens?


Pruning and care of impatiens is very easy to do. The best time to prune this plant would be in July or August. One should just prune the tips of the stems and this should be above the nodes and once the plants get thin.
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1. Prune your impatiens when they begin to look leggy. July or August are often a good time to prune annuals, because it's after a growth spurt, when they are usually no longer compact
Answer It depends. I have found that most impatiens prefer shade, and need water, especially if they are in a pot. New Guinea impatiens can take full sun, but again, watering is very
Impatiens grow very well in a Sunny Window during the winter. Biggest problem is Spider Mites. They need lots of humidity to keep the Spider Mites from attacking. You'll need a
Keep the soil moist and feed once every 2-3 weeks, deadhead flowers to extend season
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How to Prune & Care for Impatiens
Proper care of impatiens can help scraggly, wilted flowers perk up and blossom. These annuals, commonly sold in garden centers, are easy to grow because they don't need special attention or expensive fertilizers. According to biologist Dr. T. Ombrello,... More »
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The best way to care for new guinea impatiens is to keep them out of the hot sun. They do not like extremely hot weather. They are best flowers in the early spring ...
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