How and when do you prune hibiscus plants?


Hibiscus plants need to be pruned back approximately one third of the way down each branch, notes Hidden Valley Hibiscus. Pruning cuts should be made at 45-degree angles directly above nodes, which are the locations where new growth occurs. In warm climates, hibiscus plants respond best when pruned in the late fall. Hibiscus plants growing in colder climates need pruning during the spring.

Pruning hibiscus plants too late in the fall makes new growth susceptible to cold temperatures, and a large portion of the hibiscus plant could die. Gardeners should also avoid pruning hibiscus plants too early in the spring before the threat of frost has passed. Also, waiting too long to prune hibiscus plants leads to poor flowering during the summer.

A sharp pair of garden shears is required to prune a hibiscus plant. Dipping the shears in rubbing alcohol prior to cutting sterilizes them and reduces their chance of transmitting diseases to the freshly cut branches. It is important to understand how cuts will affect the final shape of the plant. Cuts made to the left side of a node encourage new growth to the left, and vice versa. Making cuts above outward-facing nodes encourages a bushy growth habit, while strategically placed cuts above inward facing nodes triggers tighter, more upright growth.

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1. Cut off all dead, dying or wilting branches from the tree with a pair of hand pruners. Make the cut at the point where the branch meets another branch or stem. You may do this
1. Cut back after the last frosts have ended. Cut back after the last frosts have ended. Hibiscus flowers on the new season's growth, so this is the best time to encourage strong
Do you get frosts? In central FL, they die back every year, so pruning hasn't be a big issue for me. General rule of thumb is to prune a plant after it blooms. Hibiscus bloom year
You have to cut out every branch that runs across others its called laceing out.
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How to Prune a Hibiscus Plant
Pruning a hibiscus plant involves cutting off the dead blooms, trimming out any dead foliage and removing the suckers that grow from the bottom. Keep a hibiscus plant pruned to encourage more healthy growth with helpful information from a sustainable... More »
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