How to Prune Variegated Pittosporum?


To prune Variegated Pittosporum you need to trim the plant the same way you would a hedge. As soon as shoots start coming out of the plant, you need to clip them away. This plant is considerably high maintenance.
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Pruning Pittosporum begins with cutting off any of the branches or stems that stick out away from the main stem of the plant. Using shears or electric shears, a person could run the shears along the top and sides of the plant in order to create a flat surface. Remove any new shoots that are inside of the main bush in order to maintain the shape of the bush. Remember that this plant can tolerate aggressive pruning so many branches can be removed in a single session.
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1. Prune Dwarf Pittosporum bushes in the very late spring or early summer, immediately after after the fragrant blooms have faded and no longer look attractive on the plant. Later
Generally after blooming is best. But fall is a perfect time. They are resillient shrubs.
After the last expected freeze date.
1. Step back and look at the shrub. You want to prune it as close to its natural habit as possible. Create a plan of attack so you make the correct cuts. 2. Use loppers to remove
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1. Remove dead and broken branches by cutting them back to their source of origin. 2. Use loppers to create a rounded appearance. Begin at the bottom of the pittosporum ...
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