PSA Grading?


PSA stands for Professional Sports Authenticator. They will examine and grade sports memorabilia. Having the item graded is important when needing to know if you are buying or selling the real thing. They will issue grading based on the quality and condition of the item.
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The purpose of PSA grading is to offer an independent, third-party estimate of a sports card's condition and value. According to the PSA, card graders are completely objective and
psa is a compony that will elvaluate the condition of your cards they are a very reliable compony i would recomend them but personly i think bgs is better.
"Keep in mind that clubhouse autographs are approached in a different manner when evaluating team signed baseballs. For clarification, clubhouse autographs are those that were
You can get PSA graded card at PA sports. The number is 800-325-1121. !
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A 1962 Topps number 471 Mickey Mantle Baseball Card, depending on the PSA grade, can sell for between $250.00 to $180.00. I found one for as low as $89.00. ...
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