What is pseudo listening?


Pseudo listening is when a person pretends to be listening but is not focusing complete attention on the speaker. "Pseudo" means "false" or "pretend." Someone who is actually listening is engaged in what the speaker is saying and wants to either learn something or interact with the speaker.

According to a Miami Dade College website, a listener practicing pseudo listening is seeking to meet only personal needs that do not benefit the speaker. Reasons for pseudo listening include half-listening to appear polite or to make a good impression, thinking about what to say next, seeking only limited and specific information and listening for points to refute.

Q&A Related to "What is pseudo listening?"
Pseudo Listening =Fake Listening.
Pseudo psychology can be thought of as unsupported information or even
being apparently rather than actually as stated : sham spurious <distinction between true and humanism — K. F. Reinhardt> Search other words in the dictionary.
Pseudo means false or insincere. So a pseudo listener isn't listening properly. They may be distracted and concentrating on something else (watching tv, in a daydream, or texting)
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