What is the psychology symbol?


The Greek letter Psi is the symbol for the field of psychology. The letter resembles an English capital "U" with a straight line cutting vertically through the center, extending beyond the top and bottom of the "U."

Though its beginnings are traced back to ancient philosophers, modern psychology is a scientific field that uses established research methods to collect evidence. Psychologists do not necessarily look at humans in the same way. The emphasis is often different. Typically, psychologists are interested in how behavior, learning, cognition, society or the unconscious mind interacts in the lives of people. Many modern psychologists believe that combinations of these factors are responsible for the lives people lead.

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It is the Greek letter for "psi" This was the first letter in the Greek word "psuchê" which is one of the rout words of psychology. There is a link to a
On a deeper level we can explore the drama taking place in the dream with each image
its about the soul of a person and symbolised by a butterfly as in greek mythology the butterfly is the symbol of the goddess psychie ...so in short the mind is in the soul of a person
Colors have deep subliminal meanings that affect our thinking and rational. They have symbolic meaning that changes amongst different cultures and countries. We are faced with color
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