What is public assistance?


Public assistance refers to government programs that provide funding to communities, individuals and families in need. For instance, the SNAP public assistance program provides funds to individuals and families who can't afford food.

FEMA is an organization that provides public assistance to communities after a disaster. Tornadoes, floods and earthquakes are examples of natural disasters that may require public assistance to rebuild the community. Local and state programs are also available to individuals in need. Medical care, for instance, is available through Medicaid.

TANF is a type of public assistance that provides cash to under- and unemployed individuals and families. To get public assistance from local, state or federal organizations, an application must be approved. The process of approval for public assistance varies.

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Public assistance is known as the government helping out the poor with food, utilities and shelter. Sometimes this means food stamps, but it could also mean living in government housing
1. Contact the local Human Services office to get an application. In some states, the Human Services office may be called Social Services or Family Services. It is usually easier
1. Look for national organizations that offer rental assistance: Salvation Army - Check phone book for local offices. The Salvation army offers money paid to landlord, utility bill
Such deteminations are made by the state agencies of the state where the requesting individual resides and by the Social Security Administration. The interested party should contact
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How to Get Public Assistance
It may become necessary to consider public assistance when economic hardships occur within a family. Public assistance can be for men and women who can’t find a job, are unable to work or who have a job and still can’t make ends meet.... More »
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