Public Auctions in Southern California?


There are a large number of public auctions in southern California. Many of these auctions are listed on the website. This site offers a complete list of upcoming public auctions and also lists the types of items being sold. The website offers information about the auction company that is sponsoring the auction and a list of auction locations. The website also offers listings of upcoming public auctions in a similar format although many of the auctions listed are heavy equipment rather than consumer items.
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good public auto auctions . I would venture to say there aren't a dozen good public auto auctions anywhere in the US. Good auto auctions don't have time to fool with the clueless
Auto auctions held on every first Saturday of the month. Inventory
Depends on the value, the auctioneer and the demand. RULE No. 1- Always negotiate, and play one off against the other, and you'll get a better rate. Source(s): Personal experience.
Tecolote Canyon Golf Course: 2755 Snead Ave, San Diego, CA. T:858-279-1600; L.A. City Golf Courses: 4730 Crystal Springs Dr, Los Angeles, CA. T:323-663-2555
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Auto auctions held on every first Saturday of the month. ...
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