Public Record of 911 Calls?


Not all 911 calls are of public record. Six states in the United States have banned 911 calls from becoming public. These states are Alabama, Mississippi, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Wyoming. Here, state laws requires these calls remain confidential and not released. In some other states, 911 calls are public record and can be found at some state's websites and can also be found at the website of First Amendment Center. Here, public calls are placed on file for users to listen to.
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1. Review the California Public Records Act. Before filing a request for 911 call records, make certain that your request is valid and can't be legally denied. The Public Records
The public records officials have a specific name and that name is a clerk. Public records officials are called clerks in a court house or other official building.
This is state and agency specific as far as how long they are kept. Can be as short as 6 months or as long as several years. They are not public record. You would have to file a freedom
Recently there was a 911 call to Burger King because a women felt she
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