Publishers Who Accept Unsolicited Manuscripts?


Any list of publishers who accept unsolicited manuscripts is sure to change constantly. First, narrow your search to publishers in your genre. Then, research those publishers, including by reading the submission guidelines on their website. You can also ask the reference librarian in your local library to see the latest edition of the Writers Market publication.
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You need to get the most current copy of Writer's Market to see this answer. These things change frequently depending on the sales markets.
Far fewer than in the past! I'd suggest that you get a copy of either the Writers' and Artists' yearbook or the Writer's Market; get it from the library if you can't afford it. These
Very few. And it depends some on what genre your work is. Get a copy of the writer's market, select potential companies, and visit the websites for submission information.
Finding a magazine can be as simple as remembering what publications you and your friends read. If in doubt, contact a professional organization that focuses on your topic for advice
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Unsolicited manuscript is a term that is used to refer to a submission of a story that was not requested by the editor. Note that if the publisher does accept ...
"We do not accept unsolicited manuscripts" means that they are not interested in receiving manuscripts from just anyone "off the street" who ...
An unsolicited material refers to a manuscript, résumé or any similar demonstration of eork deemed not acceptable according to corporate standards. ...
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