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There are several Puerto Rican last names. Many of them come from the Spanish roots. Some examples include Acosta, Batista, Blanco, Clemente, Colon, Cordero, Diaz, Diego, and Ferre. Other Puerto Rican last names can and do include Hernandez, Rodriguez, Moreno, Munoz, Iglesias, Rivera, Puente, Sanchez, Torres, and Zeno. Many famous celebrities come from Puerto Rico such as Ricky Martin, Raul Julia, Robert Clemente, Manual Fernandez, Miguel Enriquez, Chita Rivera, Salvador Brau, and Benecio del Toro.
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Rodríguez, Rivera, Díaz, González, Ortíz, Colón, López, Martínez, Santiago.
Prinze, Rivera, Silva, Soto, and Blanca are some popular Puerto Rican
No, like the majority of surnames in Latin America it's of Iberian origin; Basque specifically. It originates from the 'Basque Country' region in Spain. The city of Ponce was most
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