How to Recognize Pulled Chest Muscle Symptoms?


Pulled muscles in the chest area are not as common as others, but they do exist. A pulled muscle in the chest is generally caused by lifting something improperly. Symptoms include stiffening, swelling, soreness, pain, bruising, weakness, and muscle spasms.
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A pulled chest muscle, also known as a chest muscle strain, happens when a muscle is abruptly pinched or pulled. A pulled chest muscle generally occurs during strenuous activities
sternocleidomastoid (SCM) muscle.
Causes, Signs and Symptoms of Chest Muscle Strain: Prolonged
It's hard to see how running could cause this problem. The muscle that is causing you pain is probably the Pectoral muscle, which is not significantly used in running. Most of the
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Pulled Chest Muscle Treatment
Pulled chest muscles occur when muscles and tendons attached to the breast bone tear. Pulls often result from weight lifting and contact sports. Symptoms include pain when moving, muscle spasms and swelling. Home treatments can reduce pain and promote... More »
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