What Is the Formula for Pulley?


The formula for pulley is the weight multiplied by its mass. Generally, pulley is a machine that normally amplifies the magnitude of the effort force.
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the frmula for pulley is th weight by its mass.
F + T = 2F = mg or F = mg/2. You must pull with only one half the force u would have to use
Rpm formula for pulley: N1 * D1 = N2 *D2 N1 =RPM of drive pulley. D1 =Diameter of a drive pulley N2 =RPM of driven pulley. D2 =Diameter of a driven pulley. For Diameter, take pitch
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Formula for a Pulley
Several interesting situations can be set up with pulleys to test students' understanding of Newton's second law of motion, the law of conservation of energy and the definition of work in physics. One particularly instructive situation can be found from... More »
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