How to Make Pumpkin Crafts?


A person can make pumpkin crafts by utilizing scissors to cut some pantyhose. An eight pointed star needs to be constructed. The tubes should be filled with fiberglass.
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1. Pick a large pumpkin with a sturdy stem. Picking the right pumpkin is an important step. Chose one that is not bruised and doesn't have discolored or soft spots. Try to find one
a jack-o-lantern by using a torch and a pumpkin.
Michael's craft store does not list it's product
Even though there is no Cricut Halloween cartridge at the moment (at least that I know of...), the Stretch your Imagination Cartridge has a couple of pumpkins (Jack o'Lantern type
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How to Make Pumpkin Crafts
Pumpkin crafts are a great way for children and adults to celebrate autumn, and these imitation pumpkins can also be used for Halloween decorations. Pumpkin crafts can be made from simple household supplies such as salt, flour and even old pantyhose.... More »
Difficulty: Moderately Easy
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