What is a purple leaf plum tree?


A purple leaf plum tree is a small deciduous tree known for its deep reddish purple leaves. Although they have a relatively short life span, they grown quickly. The pink and white blooms are among the first to be seen each spring.
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Purple leaf plum is a deciduous tree belonging to the prune, or Prunus, genus, along with cherries, peaches, apricots and almonds. Trees generally reach a mature height of 15 to 25
Central and eastern Europe. and. central and southwestern Asia. are the regions of origin for the Thundercloud purple-leaf plum tree [ Prunus cerasifera. 'Thundercloud' Another widely
It should definitely have leafed out by now. I do not think it will come back out if it hasn't yet. Purple Leaf Plum trees are notoriously short-lived. Your tree may have just checked
If the bugs are caterpillar type insects spray the foliage with an insecticide called Bt. If you can not determine the type of insect then use Sevin liquid on the foliage or you can
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Purple Leaf Plum Tree Problems
The purple leaf plum tree is an ornamental deciduous, which stays relatively small. It is planted for its unique foliage which has burgundy to purple coloration. In the spring the tree blooms abundantly in shades of white and light pink. When problems... More »
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